Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farewell,my dear friends™...=)

my friends to u i bid the friendship that brought me sky...the year has been if coming from a wishing well...but as all things do...i have to bid adieu
how its pains me to...but there's nothing i can do...thanks for the memories...the laughter and the tears...they'll linger in my heart and my if we never part
if by chance we meet again ..May it be full of blessings!!..yet for now all that i can say is to Allah for you I'll pray...gonna miss you my friends..will always love u guys my "mkcik2" ieka,bebeyh,ummu and mieyra!! a lots of muax..muax..muax!! hahaha..! take care of urself honey!!=)

Be Grateful For,

Nuramalina Rusmi™...